Gate System Automatic Opener


For Gates up to a maximum of 16 ft (4.9 m) AND 650 lbs (294.8 kg).

3000XLS Arm


  • Solar Compatible
  • Increased operating speed by 10%
  • NEW rev-counter board with reed switch technology (backward compatible)
  • Reintroduction of product
  • Increased operating speed by 10%
  • IMPROVED front mount and scraper seal design
  • Features GTO/PRO's true soft start and stop operation
  • Extended Cycle Life - Enhanced motor design makes this opener ideal for today's single family homes or ranches
  • Works on all types of gates;* chain link, tube, panel, ornamental, wood and vinyl
  • Full systems capable, control board includes an adjustable obstruction sensing, gate sequencing and auto close settings
  • U.L. rated for Class I. System certified to be in compliance with U.L. 325, 5th edition

Includes battery backup, radio receiver, entry transmitter, AC transformer and all necessary mounting hardware for a post mounted installation, 16 ̋ (40.6 cm) total offset.